Your Collection, Curated by the People

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Unstacked – Curated by the People
is an innovative Australian collection visualisation project which showcases your collection and institution locally and globally in real-time through the eyes of the people who use it.

Unstacked showcases not only how people are using your collection, but also the treasures it contains.
When someone accesses an item from your collection no matter where they are, it simply appears in Unstacked and comes alive not only for that one person but for everyone.

A self-sustaining, always fresh exhibition of your collection curated by the people.


What They Say

Hero Macdonald

Director, Learning Services, Digital Innovation and Library Experience / UNSW Library

It has been fantastic to see how engaged students have been with the visualisation on show in our Main Library, and their feedback has been incredible.

Vicki McDonald

State Librarian and CEO / State Library of Queensland

..a powerful way to share our collections.

Rebecca Anthony

Program Manager, Audience Engagement / State Library of Victoria

Our primary focus is the audience, so to have this tool to understand what our audiences are looking at and what they're exploring is invaluable for our programming offer.

Paula Bray

DX Lab Leader / State Library of NSW

Pushing boundaries in digital interaction with data and in delivery...a completely new way to access the Library’s collection.

Sarah Slade

Director, Project Management / State Library of Victoria

...a beautiful way to inspire possibilities because they can see the breadth of what we have and what people are using at any point in time...

Des Cowley

History of the Book Manager, Collections and Development / State Library of Victoria

…completely riveting, it just opens up the breadth of basically the collection, but also the breadth of humanity in some way.


Primary Benefits of Unstacked

Self-sustaining, constantly evolving exhibition

Curated by the people – no staff resources needed

Brings more of your collection to the light

Reveals how your collection is being used

Extends reach & impact

Grows with your collection

Highlights the relevance & importance of your institution


Unstacked Projects

State Library of South Australia Unstacked

State Library of South Australia Unstacked

The stories that make us, told by you

Flinders University Library Unstacked

Flinders University Library Unstacked

An intersection of data, visual communication and library science

UNSW Unstacked

UNSW Unstacked

The heartbeat of the University

SLV Unstacked, State Library of Victoria

SLV Unstacked, State Library of Victoria

The collection, curated in real-time by the people.

SLQ Unstacked, State Library of Queensland

SLQ Unstacked, State Library of Queensland

Collection treasures unearthed in real-time by patrons and staff

SLNSW Unstacked, State Library of NSW

SLNSW Unstacked, State Library of NSW

A living, breathing representation of the library’s collection

UTS Library 11-808, University of Technology, Sydney

UTS Library 11-808, University of Technology, Sydney

What’s going on in the robotic library retrieval system?

Unstacked Clients



Unstacked co-created by Elisa Lee and Adam Hinshaw

First developed with a DX Lab Fellowship at the State Library of New South Wales