SLQ Unstacked, State Library of Queensland

Data visualisation / Installation / Unstacked - Curated by the People

Collection treasures unearthed in real-time by patrons and staff

SLQ Unstacked is a real-time living breathing representation of the library’s collection and how people are using it whether they be in the library, elsewhere in Queensland or on the other side of the world. 


“…such a powerful way to share our collections.”

Vicki McDonald, State Librarian and CEO, State Library of QLD

When someone accesses an item from the library’s online catalogue, it appears in Unstacked.

Unstacked brings collection items from off the shelf and out of the stacks and into the public domain. The visualisation can be seen throughout the library, on their website, and on the screen in the library’s Knowledge Walk.

Users of the library curate an ever-changing exhibition of the collection inspiring conversation and revealing  the collection in a surprising way.

Items of interest can viewed in more detail and from there, a link back to the catalogue is provided. The visualisation can be filtered to display different types of use. For example, you can choose to only view items with images from the published collection which are being accessed by people at the library.


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