SLV Unstacked, State Library of Victoria

Data visualisation / Installation / Unstacked - Curated by the People

The collection, curated in real-time by the people.

State Library of Victoria commissioned Unstacked as part of their Vision 2020 development.

On display in the Russell St Welcome Zone, visible both during the day and the night, and on two large screens in the Quad, it provides an ever-evolving exhibition of their collection and how it is being used.


“…completely riveting, it just opens up the breadth of basically the collection, but also the breadth of humanity in some way.” 

Des Cowley, History of the Book Manager, Collections and Development, State Library of Victoria


“The investment in Unstacked has been well worth the benefits. Already it’s been incredible to see not only the public but staff be so excited and so engaged by seeing all their work being visualised in that way and the public response to it.”

Sarah Slade, Director, Project Management Office, State Library of Victoria


“Our primary focus is the audience, so to have this tool to understand what our audiences are looking at and what they’re exploring is invaluable for our programming offer.”

Rebecca Anthony, Program Manager, Audience Engagement, State Library of Victoria



“Unstacked is a beautiful way to inspire possibilities in everyone who comes into our building because they can see the breadth of what we have and what people are using at any point in time and be surprised and delighted.

Projects like Unstacked help us meet the need of the community around us. The way that people expect to access information, the way they want to use information, and the way they want to have immediacy about what they are offered.

Sarah Slade, Director, Project Management Office, State Library of Victoria