Datawall, Royal Naval House

Data visualisation / Experiental / Installation

Making Invisible Data Visible and Interactive 

This display maps the pulse of data flowing through Royal Naval House’s network. As a virtual window into the digital traffic of this building’s occupants, it makes the invisible, visible.

Every fifteen seconds two new lines are created from current data levels – one for incoming (moving to the right), and one for outgoing (moving to the left). Changing colour on the hour and fading with age, these lines mark the relationship between time and data levels.

Visitors have the opportunity to interact with the display: overhead sensors tracking their proximity to screens, which displaces or contracts the data lines.

DataWall reflects human traffic passing in and out of Royal Naval House – drawing a link between the physical and virtual worlds.

This project was commissioned by CMG Group and McCann Worldgroup and is one of two installations created for the foyer of their building, The Royal Naval House in the Rocks, Sydney, Australia.

The other installation can be seen here.



CMG Group and McCann Worldgroup

Project Team

Adam Hinshaw – Co-creation and Development

Project initiated by Michelle Schuberg

In collaboration with Tim Scott